Never Knows Best (crisis_addict) wrote in unknown_mistery,
Never Knows Best

OPINIONS: Query/Don't_Be_Offended.exe

Hello. Since this is my first post, i'd just liked to say, that this looks like a good lj to rant about stuff. Or a very intelligent lj. ^^ But anywhoo... I recently got a girlfriend (huzaah) and She's amazing. I mean, we stayed up for a whole night, and met up the next day, then we started going out.

So, since I mine as well ask; Do you believe in Love at first sight?

I didn't, but now I do.

So please, tell if ya do or don't and explain why. ^^ Danke Danke

Your new inmate,

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That's a tough question, Kira.

I mean,

can you love someone without knowing them?
I think to love someone, you have to go through hardships with them,
feel with them, prove that you can help each other,

Lust at first sight, perhaps?

I'm not sure...
i personaly belive in love @ first sight as i reasently met somone and me and him have bean doing wonderful so im happy for you, as you "seam to have found the right person" so good look and all the best. xx
Try to stay up 48 hours with your partner th@ should be fun i know.