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hi.. I'm new here.. I thought this community looked cool.. I have a question. ok over the summer I became best friends with this girl. we hung out like every day, sleep overs every weekend. we had so little in common but we were like sisters. I even started calling her parents mom and dad. we both didn't want to go to our towns high school cause of years of what we called "hell" I ended up mentioning the school we go to now to her. she was in instalently.. I followed a month after. I had a boyfriend at the time.. and she didn't like him. I accepted it and just brushed it off. she had a boyfriend but they broke up. a month after that me and my boyfriend got in a fight and broke up. then I guess a couple weeks later she started dating this guy that she had only known for 4days. I didn't mind it.. I thought her new boyfriend was ok.. better then her ex. then one night he lied to me and my friend and he went on my shit list. so ever since then I disliked him. now I hate him.. and she gets on my case about it.. but I even told her that she didn't like my boyfriend and I don't have to like everyone. and she freaked out on me. now we barely talk and if we do I guess we sorta fight.. I confronted her about how she freaks out on me and she told me that she doesn't.. and freaked out on me. she spends every minute of her life with him and I get ignored and forgotten. shes changing into someone that she was in 6th grade. shes changing her self for him. and now her "boyfriend" is talking shit about me. he's called me ugly and me and my friend ugly lesbians. I confronted him on the phone but he sorta studdered and then said he was gonna leave us alone since we seemed to be having such a great time.(I had people over that night) what should I do???
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