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Okay so i have this friend...;-) she met this really awesome girl and this girls ex boyfriend, all 3 of them hit it off and became really good friends. One day the friends friends ex boyfriend needed a place to stay so my friend opended her house up for him. During that night they spent together they confessed their crushes on eachother and this great relationship blossomed from it. The ex girlfriend means alot to my friend but since she was the ex girlfriend of her new crush jelousy begun to strike. My friend continued to like this amazing guy while all of this drama circled around her, she tried to get the ex girlfriend out of the picture but keep her as a friend as well. It backfired. Now this friend feels fucked up and should have just told the truth from the start in hopes her new friend would understand. She will never understand because shes the ex girlfriend whos in love with her ex boyfriend still. And can never be friends with my friends again. but shouldnt she be alittle more openminded? Or no because shes still in love with the guy her suposed friend started dating....Advice?
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